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Build awesome apps
and we do the rest

Store data in the Cloud without
a server, database or backend

Build apps and use Rocketbox as your server side. No need coding.

Start now!

The easy way to have a server and a database for your app in the Cloud

A powerful REST API to store and get data of your mobile app.
You don’t need a hosting account or code webservices.

Libraries Multi-platform to integrate with only few lines of code.

Your data safe & secure

All transfers are executed over a SSL encryption which assures you a secure communication channel between your app and Rocketbox.

You can leave and take your data with you whenever you want to.

Just JSON!

Store all the data without a fixed schema.
Create the structure you need easily as creating a JSON file.
You can upload your data from Rocketbox or direct from code in your app using some of our libraries.

{"name":"Rocketbox", "version":"1.0", "site":"/rocketbox.io"}

In few seconds your app will have a server side with a database and webservices to communicate and exchange data with the Cloud.